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Standard Terms and conditions of engagement


Please note: An Energy Performance Certificate is produced in accordance with Standard Terms and Conditions for Energy Assessor's  and the Accreditation scheme is the NHER/Stroma or Elmhurst


Introduction and terms on which this report is prepared

Introduction and terms on which report is prepared

To market your home for sale you must have an Energy Performance Certificate. This Energy Performance

Certificate is produced by a Home Inspector, who is a member of SAVA, Elmhurst and Stroma

(One of the  government-approved Certification Schemes).


The Home Inspector must provide an accurate and objective opinion about the condition

Of the property which ever Survey is chosen, which the buyer, the seller and the buyer’s mortgage

Company must be able to rely on and use.


To become a member of SAVA and be able to produce Home Condition

Surveys and Energy Performance Certificates, a Home Inspector has to:


• pass an assessment of skills, in line with National Occupational Standards;


• have insurance that provides cover when a Home Inspector is negligent.


The Home Inspector must follow the necessary standards and accreditation schemes code of conduct.


A Home Condition Survey is not valid unless it has been produced by a

Home Inspector who is a member of a government-approved scheme and

It has been entered on the Registered.


The Home Condition Survey is in a standard format and is based on these

Terms, which set out what you should expect of both the Home Inspector 

and the Home Condition Survey. You or Home Inspector cannot amend these terms.


Any other services the Home Inspector may provide are not covered

By these terms and so must be covered by a separate contract.

If you have any complaint about this report, you can complain by

Following the complaints procedure, which is explained in more detail

at the end of this document.


What the Home Condition Survey tells you


This Survey tells you:


• About the construction and condition of the home on the date it was

Inspected; and

• Whether more enquiries or investigations are needed.


The report’s main aim is to tell you about any defects that need urgent

attention or are serious. It also tells you about things that need further

Investigation to prevent damage to the structure of the building.

The Survey gives ‘condition ratings’ to the major parts of the main building

(It does not give condition ratings to outbuildings).

 However, the Survey does not mention minor defects that do not need building work to put them right.


What this Survey does not tell you


This Survey does not tell you the value of your home or cover things

That will be considered when a valuation is provided, such as the

Area the home is in or the availability of public transport or facilities.


It does not tell you about any minor defects that would not normally

Have any effect on a buyer’s decision to buy.


• The Survey does not give advice on the cost of any repair work or the

Types of repair which should be used.


• The Survey is not an asbestos inspection under the Control of Asbestos

At Work Regulations 2002.


If you need advice on subjects that are not covered by the Home Condition

Survey, you must arrange for it to be provided separately.

What this report tells you

What this report does not tell you

What is inspected


The Home Inspector inspects the inside and outside of the main building

And all permanent outbuildings, and the parts of the gas, electricity and

Water and drainage services that can be seen.


The inspector gives each part of the structure of the main building a

Condition rating, to make the report easy to follow. The condition ratings

Are as follows.


Condition rating              Definition

    1                                    No repair is currently needed. Normal maintenance

                                          Must be carried out.

    2                                    Repairs or replacements are needed but the Home

                                          Inspector does not consider these to be serious or


    3                                    These are defects which are either serious and/or


     Require urgent repair or replacement.

    NI                                  Not inspected (See important note below)



Important note


The inspection is ‘non-invasive’. This means that the Home Inspector

Does not take up carpets, floor coverings or floorboards, move furniture

Or remove the contents of cupboards. Also, the Home Inspector does

Not remove secured panels or undo electrical fittings.


The Home Inspector will say at the start of sections D, E and F of the

Report if it was not possible to inspect any parts of the home that are

Normally reported on. If the Home Inspector is concerned about these

Parts, the report will tell you about any further investigations that are

Needed. The Home Inspector does not report on the cost of any work to

Correct defects or how repairs should be carried out. Some maintenance

And repair may be costly.


Rights of the Home Inspector to withdraw from the contract.


A Home inspector has the right to withdraw from the agreed contract if one or more of the following conditions apply:


  1. If the property poses a threat to the Home inspector’s health and safety beyond the normal domestic risks reasonable for a property in current residential occupation.
  2. If access for the Home inspector’s visual inspection is found to be restricted and if such restriction is likely, in their opinion, to have a material effect upon the completeness and/or accuracy of the HCS.


  1. If electricity, gas (if provided) and water services are not fully connected and in working condition during the inspection (Which includes having a lamp in every room).
  2. If any part of the property or premises is a building site, unless the current building works are being managed by a contractor, who is competent  in construction health and safety and who will present throughout the duration of the inspection, ensuring compliance with the accepted safety rules.
  3. If the property falls within the statutory limitations as per the Home information pack regulations
  4. If the property falls within the voluntary limitations of properties as defined by the Home inspector.
  5. If a potential or actual conflict of interest comes to the Home inspector’s attention, at any stage throughout the process.


It should be noted if the withdrawal is due to something a client or their agent’s could have prevented, then the Home Inspector reserves the right to charge a fee, pro rata, for the aborted work.


Any unpaid monies for either an Energy Performance Certificate or Home Condition Survey will lead to the cancellation and voidance of any Certificates or Surveys. This in turn will lead you to have another carried out in order to stay within the law, or if 28 days of Marketing are over you must withdraw your house from Sale until a new Certificate is issued.


Rights of the client to withdraw from the contract.


The client has the right to withdraw from the contract at any point. Formal notice of withdrawal must be made in writing. Please be aware that you will be charged a cancellation fee for time and expenses incurred up to the point at which written notice of cancellation was received.


Data Protection


The Home inspector will hold personal information in accordance with the Data protection act (1998) and this information will not be used for any purpose other than the production of the Home Condition Survey. This information is publicly accessible unless  restrictions are requested. Unless otherwise instructed names and addresses of customers will be freely available to third party requests.



Statutory Limitations


The following is a list of properties that do not require a Home information pack as per Home Information Pack regulations (2006) part 5 – procedural guidance.



Voluntary Limitations

The following is a list of properties/construction types for which I voluntarily can not currently produce a Home Condition report.



Customer service statement/Complaints procedure.



I aim to provide a professional service, however there may be occasions where you may have a concern, complaint or be unhappy with an element of the service provided.


This form outlines the procedure/steps for making a complaint.


Where to make your complaint.


You can choose whom you would like to deal with your complaint. It can be either myself or it can be my certification scheme.


If you choose my self to deal with your complaint and you are unhappy with the outcome, you can take the complaint to the certification scheme.


If you choose to complain to the certification scheme and you are unhappy with the original outcome of your Complaint you can ‘appeal’ against the outcome.


There is no charge from myself or the certification scheme for handling your concern.


Who will deal with your complaint?


If you choose to complain directly to myself I will personally deal with your complaint. My contact details are listed below.


I am bound by the ‘Code of Conduct’ set by the Certification standards.


If you choose the Certification scheme to deal with the complaint, there contact details are listed below.





I aim to resolve any complaint within 5 working days. If for any reason this is not possible then I will write and inform you of the new date by which I intend to resolve your complaint by.


The Certification scheme will equally give you a timescale by which time they will respond to your complaint.


Our Company fully supports and is a member of a Home Inspector Certification Scheme


Contact details:

Name: Glen Waldren

Address: 81b Deepcut Bridge Road, Deepcut, Surrey. GU16 6QP

Telephone: 01252 274449

Fax: N/A

Email: enquiries@G-Whis.co.uk 


Home Inspector Certification Scheme contact details:

Address: SAVA, National Energy centre, Davy Avenue, Milton Keynes MK5 8NA

Telephone: 01908 442277

Email: Info@Sava.org.uk

Website: www.Sava.org.uk


Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme contact details:

Address: Stroma Head Office, Pioneer Way, Castleford, West Yorkshire WF10 5QU

Telephone: 0845 b6211111

Email: Info@Stroma.com

Website: www.Stroma.com


Following our complaints procedure does not affect your normal statutory rights.


Compliance with Auditing and monitoring requirements of the regulatory bodies.


The terms of this contract imply all works will be carried out in accordance with the monitoring and auditing requirements of the SAVA and or other Certification/Accreditation scheme of which the Home Inspector is a member and bound by its professional code of conduct.


Prices displayed on the website are for properties up to the value of £500,000 only, prices may vary for surveys carried out on properties in excess of this amount. Please confirm the price for the particular survey prior to instruction. Any offers by email, leaflet or via website are subject to change. Any offers which involve a discount of Waldren Home Inspection Services or comparison or discount of the same services offered by other businesses at a discount have a minimum administration charge of £30.00 inclusive. All offers are subject to availability.