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                                                       A Helping Hand

When moving home you often find time is against you and you have so much to do and so little time to do it; From clearing out the Loft to tidying up the Garden prior to leaving the property, to moving your belongings from one property to another and then to arrange accordingly in your new home.

I offer 'a helping hand' service where I can help clear your house with you, move your belongings with you and rearrange  in your new home if required. I can help transport and just generally be 'a helping hand' while you are on the move. No job is too big or small you can only ask. You would generally employ me on an hourly basis with a descending rate of pay depending on how long you required me for. Please see below.

So if you can not face or are not physically able to prepare for your move, or you have been let down by people at the last minute give me a call and I will come and help you move. Remember I am not a Removals company I am just 'a helping hand' when you need it most.

Although primarily this is for people who are on the move, if you require help throughout the year with something, please don not hesitate to contact me and I will see what we can do to help.

Descending Rates of Pay/Per hour

Hour 1 - 20.00          Hour 5 - 16.00

Hour 2 - 19.00          Hour 6  - 15.00

Hour 3 - 18.00          All subsequent hours 15.00 per hour.

Hour 4 - 17.00          All days work on same calculation.

If you would like some help please call or email or text on


Call 07595 293900 or 01252 274449 


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